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Melbourne (Docklands)

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The newly established Monash College campus emerges as a welcoming and dynamic vertical community, boasting state-of-the-art amenities aimed at enhancing the educational experience. Spread over 10 levels, the Docklands campus presents more than 130 stimulating and adaptable learning environments, specifically designed to promote interaction and creativity among students and faculty.

Visitors are greeted in the expansive Welcome and Events Hall, home to two 200-person auditoriums and an amphitheatre, marking the start of their Monash journey and orientation. Ascending through the building, individuals have the opportunity to unwind with peers in the relaxed settings of the Village Social and Urban Deck areas, or seek support at the specially designated Student Hub. The journey culminates at the Library and Learning Centre, a nexus for knowledge exchange and academic support.

The campus layout includes an array of breakout and informal areas conducive to both quiet study and collaborative projects, alongside spaces designed for socialising.

Situated in close proximity to all major transportation options, the accessibility of the campus at 750 Collins Street is unparalleled. This student-focused campus integrates cutting-edge facilities and teaching spaces across its ten stories, embodying a commitment to fostering an engaging learning environment.

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  • Monash College campus
750 Collins Street, Docklands, VIC 3008

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