Adults will tell you university is ‘some of the best years of your life’, but – just as you did with high school – you will ignore their enthusiasm and wish you could fast forward. Life as an on-campus student will vary, but many take the freedom and excitement of these formative years for granted.

A typical day at university will begin with waking up early (or late, depending on your timetable) and making your way to campus. This may be by public transport, or your own vehicle. Once you arrive you may quickly stop at your favourite on-campus coffee shop before heading to your first lecture or tutorial. When you start out, you should expect to spend a bit of extra time being lost and searching for your classroom or lecture theatre.

Alternatively, you may spend your morning working at your part-time job and the latter half of the day at university. Many on-campus students juggle these responsibilities, meaning they spend a lot of time travelling to and from their commitments.

Depending on your timetable, you may have a break or two throughout the day. These breaks could range from one hour to a few hours long, during which you may spend time with friends, studying in the library, catching up on missed lectures or grabbing a bite to eat. Making new friends is one of the most exciting parts of university, as you get to step away from the familiar faces of high school and meet new people with similar passions to you.

As a university student it’s important to stay organised, so having a diary, planner app or computer where you can put all the key information (like due dates for assignments and exams) is essential. Chances are that when you finish your day at university, you will head home to look over what you need to do. Starting an assignment early is always beneficial; after all, we all know how stressful that last minute rush can be!

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