Accredited online and on-campus courses from leading Australian universities, TAFEs and collegesAccredited online and on-campus courses from leading Australian universities, TAFEs and colleges

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University and Private Higher Education Providers

With approximately one million enrolments across 43 Australian universities, there’s no doubt that the demand for an esteemed university qualification is as high as ever! Undertake in-depth research into your chosen field (they cover just about every industry), and be led by academic experts throughout your entire learning journey. Do an undergraduate degree or opt to upskill with a postgraduate qualification, and give your mind and career the opportunity to thrive when you study with a university.

TAFE, VET and Other Education Providers

Embark on an educational adventure with StudySelect, offering TAFE, VET, and other skills-based courses from Australia’s leading institutions. Perfect for those embarking on a new career path, looking for a career shift, or aiming to enhance existing skills, StudySelect is your partner in practical education.

Explore a wide range of fields, from the traditional arts to new cutting edge, high-demand sectors like Digital Marketing and Environmental Science. Our offerings include IT, Engineering, Marketing, Health Sciences and more, across our extensive selection of over 75 industries. StudySelect provides access to top-tier VET, TAFE, and other skills-based courses, focusing on hands-on learning to ensure you are prepared for the job market with nationally accredited qualifications.

Begin your educational journey with StudySelect and move closer to realizing your professional goals!

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