Having a clear idea of where you want to be in the future may be the key to career success. Although it isn’t always possible to control what happens in life, it is possible to do a little planning and get started on the path to your goals.

When deciding on a career path, you have a few different things to consider. Most importantly, think about the things you enjoy or love doing. Are you passionate about saving the environment, or is crunching numbers your forte? What are your values and what aspects of a job would be most important to you? Are you dying to be creative or do you enjoy working solo? These are all aspects of your career you need to think about!

Do your research and look into all the areas you are interested in, skilled at or passionate about. You can learn about a particular industry by looking at the subjects listed in courses, browsing through online job listings, following some companies and professionals on LinkedIn, and speaking to your friends and family – you may even find a job or industry that you never knew existed! Research is important, but the best way to truly find out if a career is right for you is to get some work experience, whether it is as an intern, a volunteer or a part-time/full-time employee.

You will also need to weigh up the job market, salary, potential career progression, stability, hours, work-life balance, location, and whether you will need to relocate. Importantly, you must find out if a specific qualification is required for attaining the job of your dreams.

Finding a balance between passion and pragmatism is perhaps the key to discovering the perfect career path – your dream job is something that satisfies you and meets your practical needs. Some people find it easy to separate the two and work purely for the monetary reward, leaving their hobbies and passions to their leisure time; others prefer their job to match their interests.

Sometimes the only way you will know if a career is for you is if you give it a try. Many people spend years in specific industries and decide it’s time for a change. Fortunately, in modern society, those who decide to start fresh on a new career path have access to countless online courses that allow them to study without sacrificing their current job and income.

Good luck!

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