Online study – it’s something you that can seem hard to understand until you give it a go. There are many myths floating around about online courses, and today we’re shedding some light on the reality of studying via your computer.

Myth #1. Online qualifications are less recognised than the qualifications of those who study on-campus

Fact Whether you study on campus or online, the qualification you receive will be identical. Studying online may actually free up more time for gaining work experience, which is highly regarded on job applications.

Myth #2. Studying online is easier than studying on-campus

Fact Online learning is definitely more flexible than traditional university courses, however it requires just as much effort and hard work – including undertaking any necessary placements or in-person training.

Myth #3. If you study online, you don’t have the same level of support

Fact Most institutions offering online courses have comprehensive support programs in place. Tutors and advisors are very willing to discuss any questions or provide feedback over the phone or via email. With some courses, you may even be assigned to a dedicated tutor who will give you one-on-one feedback and support when it is required.

Myth #4. There’s no interaction

Fact Although there may not be any physical interaction, students and teachers are able to chat and discuss their coursework via phone, e-mail, online forums, real-time discussions or online study groups. Some online courses may even provide the opportunity to meet your lecturers and classmates in person during an on-campus workshop.

Myth #5. It’s just like reading an online textbook

Fact Online courses are designed to give you the same knowledge and skills as an on-campus student. Your educational materials may come in the form of live lectures and tutorials, online discussions, video chats, multimedia presentations and more. Lessons can be further broken down into segments in online learning, and are often accompanied by short competency quizzes to make sure you understand particular concepts before you move on.

Online study is gaining momentum and that’s because it’s able to offer a quality learning experience with the flexibility that students are looking for. It is interactive, social, hard work and will give you exactly the same qualifications as if you were studying on-campus.

StudySelect Team

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