Short courses are perhaps one of the most underrated educational tools available today. Many people assume that studying means dedicating three years to completing a university degree, when in actual fact, it is possible to obtain skills and qualifications in much less time.

There are many reasons why a short course may be the ideal choice – whether it is for upskilling, for testing out a new career, or for further exploring a hobby – and the commitment doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Improve your skillset
Short courses are excellent for those who want to upskill and improve in their current profession. They allow you to study for a much shorter period than a typical university course and, depending on the course you choose, can even work around your current job. Online short courses are a great choice for those who need flexibility in their study hours. A course doesn’t need to be industry-specific to give your resume a boost. Short courses like a Certificate in First Aid will be beneficial wherever you go, including in your personal life.

Test the waters
Jumping straight into a new career can be daunting, which is why studying a short course can help you decide whether or not it is the right decision. Explore something that interests you without the commitment of an entire university degree. If you do decide that you’re interested in pursuing it further, some institutions acknowledge credits from short courses and allow them to be transferred over to their degrees.

Perfect your hobby
Want to turn your favourite hobby into something more? Pursuing a short course that relates to your casual interests will not only improve your skills and knowledge around something you enjoy, but may also unlock new career options you never knew existed.

If you’re looking to land a specific job based on your qualifications, it is important to check whether or not you will need an undergraduate degree. If not, a short course may show potential employers that you are intelligent and driven. If you’re upskilling, your boss will be impressed by your motivation to improve and stay up to date.

Although short courses are less of a commitment than a university degree, putting in time and effort is still essential to your success. You may be required to attend a certain number of classes, hand in assignments and undertake exams. Your success is your responsibility, but the benefits are well worth the small sacrifice.

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