What does a building consultant do?

Building consultants have a responsibility to facilitate the progress of construction by considering potential problems that may arise during planning, development and post-construction and preventing them where possible. Building consultants are employed to provide expert advice on the logistics and execution of proposed developments, whilst making sure the project adheres to codes of compliance regarding structural safety, environmental degradation and resource use. Moreover, professional building consultants can further lend experienced financial advice relating to insurance, sinking fund issues and progress payments. Being able to offer expertise at every stage of development makes building consultants a valuable part of the construction process.


  • Inspect and assess properties at different stages of development
  • Advise clients on financial and conditional progress of a project
  • Achieve safety through adhering to the building code of Australia (BCA)
  • Act as a mediator for disputes or disagreements during the construction process
  • Give expert evidence in courts and to state tribunals

What skills do I need to be a building consultant?

To work as a skilled, competent building consultant, you must be familiar with all aspects of the construction process. This includes financial forecasting of a given development, environmental assessment, and providing advice on future developments. Building consultants boast a high attention to detail, an understanding of financing and strong communication skills. Being very safety conscious and having a passion for environmental sustainability would also be beneficial. When working on a commercial development, the amount of money invested is usually greater than in residential developments, demanding a high level of financial management and environmental risk assessment from the building consultant. Insight into the practises of architects, electricians and construction workers would be beneficial to a building consultant.

  • An in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and building code of Australia (BCA)
  • Attention to detail and safety issues
  • An ability to comprehend the financial status of commercial/residential developments
  • An efficient communicator and listener
  • A passion for sustainable development


Building consultants can work on both small-scale residential developments as well as the larger commercial developments. Because this occupation is based on the understanding of other processes in the construction process, there is ample room for specialisation. Building consultants can branch off into freelance or private consulting, specialising in areas of environmental impact assessment, financial management and planning as well as being expert witness in courtroom disputes.

Financial consultancy

Building consultants can follow their wealth of financial knowledge towards consulting on financial feasibility of a development or gentrification in both the public and private sector.

Expert witness

Building consultants can offer their expertise in a court of law or dispute tribunal. Particularly with high-cost commercial developments, the opinion of a building consultant is extremely valuable in determining the outcome of a dispute.

Workplace health and safety specialist

Building consultants can also specialise in workplace health and safety, ensuring a building’s compliance with safety requirements, asbestos auditing, ensuring the existence of fire exits and disabled access as well as environmental resilience and energy efficiency.

Study pathways for pet groomers

Multiple pathways lead one to becoming a registered building consultant, ranging from practical onsite experience to tertiary degrees. These pathways will help you to gain accreditation, qualify as a member of a professional building consultancy group and establish yourself in the construction industry.

Getting Started

Begin developing skills to start your career in the construction industry.

Skill Building

Bolster your skills with further training and specialist instruction.

Professional Development

Improve your employment prospects and job opportunities with targeted learning.

Industry Recognition

Registering with a professional association will help you establish your credentials as a building consultant

Getting a job after graduation

Put your training to good use and get the best professional head start in your construction career. Take a look at our sample resume and cover letter and put your best foot forward when you apply for construction jobs.

Job Prospects and Salaries

Australia is experiencing a construction boom, both in residential and commercial properties. Particularly in major cities, building consultants are needed to grow and maintain the conditions of urban infrastructure.