What does a marketer do?

A marketer is responsible for boosting the profile and brand recognition of a product or service range, ensuring the media coverage and advertising for their client brands are both flattering and reaching their intended audience. Some daily duties may include compiling and analysing research data on consumer consumption and feedback, implementing strategies on various platforms to ensure brand exposure, providing feedback in the design and creation of a product, and identifying public perception of product, service and company.


  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Identify and target key demographics
  • Analyse data relating to a company and competitors
  • Provide notes on product design
  • Conduct surveys on public opinion

What skills do I need to be a marketer?

Being a marketer requires an interest in consumer choices and a belief in the services and products of the company you work for. A marketer must be social media savvy and have a thorough understanding of the various advertising and publicity platforms that can be utilised to maximise sales and brand awareness. Marketers should have good communication skills and an in depth knowledge of consumer psychology and their specific target audience. The ability to design, conduct and analyse research is also important in furthering your marketing career.

  • Ability to think analytically
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Social media savvy
  • Understanding of consumer psychology


As a marketer there are a number of different industries you can work for, as well as a vast number of marketing specialisations you can choose to focus on as a career. You can choose your specialisation in accordance with your own skill set, interests and intended career path. 

Social Media Marketing

A social media marketer has a very thorough understanding of how social media works, and specifically, how social media can be used to help promote the services and products of a company. Social media marketers use social media as a platform for their marketing strategies, aiming to increase the outreach of a company through this booming platform.

Product Manager

A product manager works with a specific product, range or brand that a company has on offer. Product managers are directly responsible for the marketing and development of their products, ensuring that the products are designed to meet current industry trends, are suitable for the targeted demographic and are being boosted by effective marketing strategies.

Advertising Manager

An advertising manager is responsible for devising advertising strategies that aim to increase the sales of products and services. Advertising managers target specific audiences via various platforms and create new, informative and catchy methods of marketing a product.

Study pathways for marketers

There are a number of different pathways available if you are interested in marketing. Choose a course that will allow you to receive the training and qualifications you need to get ahead.

Getting Started

Choose a course that provides a thorough understanding of marketing principles and techniques

Skill Building

Work towards your career goals by building your professional knowledge of marketing

Professional Development

Learn about different methods, techniques and approaches to marketing that will expand your tool kit

Industry Recognition

Upon successful completion of the relevant qualifications you may be eligible for membership with the Australian Marketing Institute and/or The Australian Market and Social Research Society.

Getting a job after graduation

Put your training to good use and get the best professional head start in your marketing career. Emphasise your personal strengths and achievements in your resume and target your cover letter to the job description listed.

Job Prospects and Salaries

Marketing is a consistently strong growth industry. There are expected to be a very high amount of employment opportunities available over the next five years.