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Midwives play an integral role in the healthcare of pregnant woman in Australia. They are responsible for providing antenatal care and assessments, support through the ... for pregnant women and their babies. You can become a midwife by completing either a Bachelor in Midwifery or, if you are already a registered nurse, by completing a graduate diploma or master's degree in midwifery.
ESL teachers play a vital role in helping those who arrive in Australia with little to no English language skills. They prepare coursework and teaching materials for ... and adults in government or independent schools, intensive English centres, private colleges for international students, at TAFE, or in universities. They employ a variety of teaching methods including lecture and visual ...

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Vocational education vs. university study

Deciding where and how you would like to study is very important. University and vocational education (VET) at a private college or TAFE are arguably the ... qualifications VET institutions generally offer certificates and diplomas, whereas ... you're earning over the threshold. VET institutions such as TAFE offer some courses with VET-FEE HELP, which operates in much the ...

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What's the right qualification for you?

These days, there arent too many workplaces that rely wholly on on-the-job training to educate their employees. While this kind of instruction often forms the bulk of ... Certificate courses are usually delivered by TAFE colleges , community education centres, registered training organisations (RTOs) and private colleges . Diploma/Advanced diploma Both diplomas and advanced diplomas ... VET ...

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The Australian Qualifications Framework explained

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) establishes the quality of Australian qualifications. It provides a clear guideline as to how various qualifications are ... . The AQF has 10 levels: Level 1 - Certificate I Level 2 - Certificate II Level 3 - Certificate III Level 4 - Certificate IV Level 5 - Diploma Level 6 - Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree Level 7 - Bachelor Degree Level ...

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10 high-paying jobs you won't need a uni degree for

Were told the best (and most conventional) route to a successful and highly paid job starts with a university degree . Greater education = greater skills = greater career ... Potential salary range: $67k-$180k Useful courses: Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety 7. ... (capped at Bill Gates's annual salary) Useful courses: Diploma of Business 10. Superstars This list would be replete without ...

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How to become a chef

You bake flawless macarons, can dice and julienne vegetables at the speed of light, and have relatives lining up for your food at family BBQs but could you handle ... . TAFE courses are great as they allow you to study and get a qualification while also working and getting paid at the same time. Courses that are a good starting point include the Certificate II in Kitchen Operations ...

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Will An MBA Help My Career? All You Need To Know About Doing An MBA!

An MBA qualification (Masters Degree in Business Administration) will provide you with the kind of specialised training to put you at the top of your game. Fully equipped ... have the maturity and the academic capacity to manage the full MBA program. Entry into a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma is more flexible than an MBA. Do I Need an MBA? Whether you are currently in employment ...

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