What does a health practice manager do?

Health practice managers apply business and management skills to the running of medical clinics and practices. The role is suited to those with a background in healthcare who may also have qualifications in finance or accounting. Health practice managers are responsible for ensuring all records-keeping systems and stock inventories are up to date, training and supervising staff, and managing the business’ accounts. The role is generally a very busy one that requires a passion for providing outstanding patient service and care, and creating excellent working conditions and team culture.


  • Planning office services
  • Staff management
  • Records and account management
  • Managing occupational health and safety standards
  • Financial planning and accountability

What skills do I need to be a health practice manager?

A health practice manager not only deals with patients, but also with doctors and both junior and senior medical staff. They must stay on top of changes in legislation and be aware of new developments in equipment and technology systems that may be implemented to improve business outcomes. Interacting with both internal staff and external contacts and using a variety of business management techniques are important skills required to become a health practice manager.

  • Effective communication and delegation skills
  • Financial and administrative skills
  • Knowledge of health services
  • Conflict resolution
  • Business acumen


Many people already working in the medical industry seek advancement in their career by becoming qualified as a health practice manager. Career pathways are varied, and there are opportunities in healthcare and social assistance, professional, scientific and technical services, and financial and insurance services. Below are some areas of specialisation that you might choose.

Chiropractic Practice Manager

A chiropractic practice manager will have qualifications in health administration and be competent in a wide range of administrative tasks. They commonly work in private practice but are also able to work in hospitals and community health centres. The role may entail reception work, dealing with patients, staff training, development and rosters, as well as payroll, banking records, stock control, and marketing.

Dental Practice Manager

A dental practice manager has successfully completed Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications in Professional Practice Management. They report to the practice principal and are responsible for the business’s successful day-to-day operation. A dental practice manager is in charge of staff hiring, training and development, management, and rosters. They ensure the practice runs smoothly so that the dentists can focus on caring for patients.

Medical Practice Manager

Medical practice managers work in medical centres and doctor’s surgeries, and have successfully completed qualifications in health practice management. They allocate human resources and office equipment, monitor workflow and create rosters and manage staff performance. They also manage office records and accounts and ensure compliance with occupational health and safety standards, as well as government legislation, policies and procedures.

Study pathways for health practice managers

There are opportunities for employment in health practice management in many different medical settings. Tailor your study for a progressive career path ranging from administrative to managerial roles within the health practice system.

Getting Started

These vocational courses will allow you to join the healthcare profession in an entry-level role, requiring supervision from senior staff.

Skill Building

Study for career advancement. Obtain further qualifications in business management or pursue a career specialisation.

Professional Development

These study options will enable you to pursue high-level employment options requiring extensive qualification or specialisation in a particular healthcare management field.

Industry Recognition

Health practice managers are required to register with the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) after completing their professional accreditation. Find out more about the professional requirements of the health practice management industry in the resources section.

Getting a job after graduation

Put your training to good use and get the best professional head start in your health practice manager career. Take a look at our sample resume and cover letter and put your best foot forward when you apply for healthcare jobs.

Job Prospects and Salaries

The healthcare industry in Australia is expanding alongside the population, making health practice managements jobs a stable and reliable growth area of employment, particularly in metropolitan areas.